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here in a moment. >> i'm a big fan and we appreciate you being here with us. >> thanks so much. >> that's our show for this week. you can find more about nick sullivan's work and you can hear me now.com. the show broadcasts sunday evening at 10:00 in the san francisco market and xm sirius nationwide. thank you for making us part of your sunday morning. >> you heard of teacher's pet, how about teacher's pet peeves? >> this is so controversial. >> inn educator smell spells out what everyone needs to know. class action is next.cc1:cccc1: :
looking for an excuse to use them. >> it is fair to say if you took a big stack of newspapers, you would find something in there that isn't in the dictionary. >> every day. every day. >> which makes dictionaries hard to update. >> "new york times" book review called me out for using an architect in my first book. >> architect has been a verb for a long time. >> said the lady that wrote the dictionary. >> take that. >> i've been on the show a while, i'm eight months pregnant. i'm going to get it out now. >> that's one of the great things about english, you can verb anything. >> friend, google has been another one. >> is the younger generation probably more open to that? we invented words like, i don't know, groovy or something. >> "new york times" -- can i ask another question? >> no, 30 seconds. >> beatnik or "sputnik." >> fair enough. back in a second. >>> that's our show for this week. before we go, the word that needs to be used more often. >> i'm fond of the word this means yawning and stretching at the same time. >> we have two words here. pandiculation. word of the week. we'll look
. go big or go home. >> at the time, probably a quarter of the world's population. how can you -- tell me about singularity and then how are you going to go affect a billion people? >> well, first i wanted to say, just give a shout out to intelius, because without them as a sponsor, i wouldn't have the opportunity to be attending singularity university. singularity university is just an amazing, an amazing experience. you know, you bring together sort of thought leaders, experts in exponential technologies, and you put them together for ten weeks and you have them come up with, you know, obviously, innovative, creative ways to solve problems, and we're going to take this information, feed off each other, and then we're going to go out to 35 countries that we've come from and probably other places as well, and we're going to affect at least a billion people, for sure. >> well, i wish you luck. you have a little less than ten weeks to get it done, so. >> yeah, we're on it. >> sharron mcpherson, we appreciate you being with us this morning. >> thanks, scott. >> "press:here" will be right
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3